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Hera's Jealousy :iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
My Brother At My Side
My brother at my side, sure in his skin.
He was not there when I last looked back and
Odd he be here now where I’ve always been.
Mine he was at birth, knowledge leaves a brand.
Play the part, act as if my steps are sure,
And walk ahead, leave footprints in the sand.
We laughed, we fought, he remained my treasure.
I stood his guide, his guard, a source of light
The years brought me tears as well as pleasure.
Has man fought such war? Has knight faced such blight?
Stumbles always seen, stress wearing me thin.
My greatest fear: that he’d vanish from sight.
Yet here he stands and proud am I his kin.
My brother at my side, sure in his skin.
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 1 0
Who Am I?
Who Am I?
That is what they ask.
My face is
Ever an object of curiosity.
Am I “True Love,”
Never to be confessed?
The woman who held
Da Vinci’s long sought-after heart.
Am I “A Self-Portrait,”
Or am I in fact, “True Self”?
A handsome face
Could in fact be a secret mirror.
Am I “A Tribute,”
To a woman of power and grace?
Too many names
Come to mind: Isabella, Cecilia, Costanza…
Am I “The Perfect Woman,”
Born from his wishful desires?
Everything that he wanted
I was, except for the reality to hold.
Am I “An Unholy Secret,”
Of a male apprentice who became more?
Salaì acted as model
Often enough for idea to be planted.
Am I “Lisa del Giocondo,”
Bought by her rich, merchant husband?
Meant for nothing more
than a job, and payment at first.
But Who Am I?
My name is “Mona Lisa.”
People ask why but
Do they truly wish to know?
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
Mature content
A Penny For Your Thoughts? :iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
The Ballad of the Wife of Bath
I am the Bride, Wife and Woman.
Five times I’ve worn the veil,
Yet my fifth stood out from the rest,
So listen to my tale.
Jankyn came while I still stood wife,
Yearning filled me to brim.
Before my fourth was in the ground,
My heart was set on him.
I told him he enchanted me,
Killing me in my dream.
This was a lie spun from passion,
And the start of my scheme.
Yet Jankyn, I could not control,
My tricks met with a sneer.
The only one I chose for love,
Was the one I would fear.
Beatings came more than caresses.
He lived to call my bluff.
When he read of wives that use men,
I’d at last had enough.
I tore the page from horrid book,
And struck him for quiet.
But his attack deafened my ear!
Anger turned to riot.
We fought until a truce was called.
Deals were struck for a quid.
I won his wants, his wealth, his word,
And I behaved as bid.
Now my friends, how would you see me?
Victim? Witch without heart?
So ends the prologue of a wife,
But tale has yet to start.
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
A Feeling Worthwhile
It is not what they think it is
It is not a raging tsunami
Forcing its way over and through
It does not feel like they think it feels
It is not a devouring fire
Blazing and burning out a hollow husk
It does not sound like they think it sounds
It is not a standing ovation
Screaming and roaring and crushing noise
It does not taste like they think it tastes
It is not a freshly picked plum
Fed by the hand of a lover under a willow
It is what it is and nothing less than that
It is the truth you wanted to hear
Asked for and regretted for but now you know
It feels like what you were not expecting
It is the touch of sunlight on your hand
Lying still only to be caught in a sudden warm kiss
It sounds like what you did not know you wanted
It is the voice of someone you know
Saying hello and that they want to stay
It tastes like what you do not know yet
It is the first bite in your mouth
Now like it or not you will remember
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
Good Men
Leaders step forward and charge
Clear in goal and secure in intent they gather and stand and win
Good Men step then step then step
Pushing and pulling and tripping and falling and blistering and learning
Champions inspire grand tales and songs
Recounted by minstrels with shining eyes and waving arms
Good Men inspire small smiles and loving mocks
Ears blushing and mouth moving and then left with the bill as the tap run dry
Conquerors build upon mountaintops
To see beyond the sky and into visions and dreams of new they reach
Good Men build where a door will open
Go in or go out and walk and see and hear and smell and wonder what else
Idols stand on tall pedestals of gold and ivory
To those below they are mirrored Gaelatas with nary a blemish to mar
Good Men stand where the sun does not blind to look up
Names and faces and dirty socks and tomato soup and freckles on arms
Heroes are victorious and remembered and sometimes forgotten
The day saved and the villain vanquished and the danger pa
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
How To Dream
REM (Slumber)
D.I.L.D. (Dreaming)
W.I.L.D (Waking)
Where did you come from?
Doesn’t matter
You’re here now
Time moves more slowly here
All the time in the World
There are many locked doors
To reach the place you need to go
You just need to use a key
Is it dark (bright) in here?
Turn on (off) the lights
You can’t?
Flick the switch
Still nothing?
What does that tell you?
Take a seat
It’s today’s (tomorrow’s) paper
Turn the pages
But the words don’t register
Does that make sense?
You know how to read (don’t you?)
That painting on the wall
Is the masterpiece you wish to create
Stepping out the door
Into Spain, Japan, Canada
Rewind (Fast-forward) Pause (Play)
And the World shifts around you
You understand now
This is your World
Take control
Or act
Now choose
You’re dreaming
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
Snow Fort
Perfect powder fell from the sky
Thus the chance
Could not be passed
To build the perfect snow fort.
Laughing eyes and wriggling limbs
Bundled into fleece
Mittened hands pat walls
Gloved fingers dig tunnels
‘Til at last task is complete:
Resembles more of a mound
Than mighty battle fortress.
But youthful triumph
And rosy cheeks
Make it shimmering castle
Guarded by silver dragons.
Never to be felled nor forgotten
‘Til mothers call in their knights
And hot chocolate is served.
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 0
Fem!John Watson Cosplay :iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 1 1
A kitten wielding able claws
Though they shall never be drawn
Soft black fur, bright eyes gleaming
Its honeyed tone is so content
Loving so deeply.
A crescent moon in the night sky
A spell of peace has been cast
Ever shy, it hides its face
Scared to believe, scared to expose
The true beauty revealed when grown full.
A lily blooms in the rubble
Petals of color, whites and pinks
Blues and greens, reds and yellows
Lingering fragrance, soft and sweet
Paper or life, both will be cherished.
An angel descended on us
Pure, kind, brave, yet blind to see
How much she is loved by those
Who surround, who care, who just wish
To see that bright smile once again.
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 1 0
A Journey
The sound of the ocean's waves roared in my ears. It was like thunder, pounding in my heart like a drum. We sat there together, watching the waves lick the golden sand before hastily making its retreat back into the sea. Our satchels sat beside us on the hill as we waited for a wagon to pass by to take us to the next to town.
"Hey, Chiasa?" I said suddenly.
She glanced over at me. Me, her twin. Those brown eyes identical to my own staring curiously back at me, "Yes?"
"Why did you come on this journey with me?" My words coming forth and bursting from me before I could reel them back in. The possibility of an answer terrified me.
For the last three years, it had been this way. Traveling from town to town, by foot, by boat, by caravan, it didn't matter. Just so long as we kept moving. It's not as if we were running from something, that's not it at all. There were so many places, so many people, and so many stories to be heard and to be told. It's been the greatest experience in my life. A
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 1 0
Dear Soul
Dear soul,
Such a precious thing.
Waits for no one.
You have used yours well,
And given so much.
Dear soul,
You hold many secrets.
So much knowledge.
Memories kept forever,
Inside your heart,
Dear soul,
It is not over yet.
There is still
Things to do.
So many want you here.
It is not time yet.
Dear soul,
You must live on.
Experience it all.
So when it is finally
Time to sleep,
There are no regrets.
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 1 0
People Say
You're weird, did you know that?
"I've been called that, yeah."
It doesn't bother you?
"No, not really."
People say it a lot.
They say a lot of other stuff too.
People say you talk a lot about random things and like to jump into other's conversations.
"I like being in the loop. I'm also a bit curious too, I'll admit."
People say you're hyper and you love to yell.
"I have ADHD. You get used to it, but being overly happy is better than being depressed. And my voice is naturally loud. I like to laugh."
People say you hug everyone, even little kids.
"I have a little brother I'm very close to. I used to volunteer at my church too. I worked in the nursery and Sunday Schools a lot. Also, I love my friends. I don't see anything wrong with showing them just how much."
People say you're always reading those Japanese comics.
"They're called manga. They're very addictive and have great stories. I could recommend a series to you if you want. I love to read all kinds of books. Have you
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 3 5
I Can't, I Can
I can't hold tight to you forever, always shielding you from harm
I can reach out to grab your hand when you call for me
I can't dream of a fantasy where everything is perfect and everlasting
I can live in a reality where life is hard, but there is always a future
I can't be the perfect woman and return all the intense love you felt for me
I can say that there is someone different, you will love her and she will be able to return it
I can't say I'll wait, that I'll never change
I can say I have not regretted one day by your side and that you have changed me
I can't kiss your lips, stay by your side, and promise to be yours forever
I can smile at you, give you a hug and swear by my name to be your friend until I die
I can't lie to you and say we're perfect people because we're not
I can tell you of all the wonderful qualities that you have and why you are amazing
I can't always be in love with you
I can always love you
This I can do
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 1 8
I Have
I have a face.
Pretty to look at,
Easy to misjudge,
Easy to underestimate.
People try to put me in my place.
I won't have it.
I won't succumb.
I have a body.
I have worked hard.
Pushed past my limits,
To look good,
To feel good.
No one can tell me otherwise.
This skin is mine.
I have a mind.
Full of knowledge,
Full of ideas.
Plans for the future,
Dreams I reach for with all my might,
And the will to obtain them,
At any cost.
I have a heart.
Able to love,
My family,
My friends,
And the one I will choose
To stand beside me
I have a face.
One that is not simply pretty.
I am moving forward,
I am thinking ahead,
My heart is on my sleeve.
Hello world.
My name is-
:iconamberstar2:AmberStar2 0 2


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United States
Hey guys! The name's Erin! I'm a total anime and manga otaku and I'm PROUD OF IT!!!!

My fave animes and manga are:
One Piece
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Ouran High School Host Club
Fruits Basket
FullMetal Alchemist
Skip Beat
Angel Beats
and SO many others!

I LOVE music, reading, writing, sketching, acting, and hanging out w/my friends

I like reading doujinshi and I LOVE going to Anime cons!

I'm a good and loyal friend and a good listener, so whoever has a problem can confide in me.

Please critique my work honestly, but please no flaming! I HATE THAT!!!!

Arigato. *bows* Please regard me kindly.

Current Residence: My house, I guess?
Favourite genre of music: Anything except rap
MP3 player of choice: iPod girl, sorry
Shell of choice: ummm...conch?
Skin of choice: Racist question
Favourite cartoon character: Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace
Personal Quote: "I'm 18 and have more than thirty children. Where has my youth gone?"
Ok, so last year I made a list of all my favorite anime pairings. This year, I'm adding to the list, only on a...broader media assortment.

Hope you enjoy~

Destiel (My TV OTP)
Bobby x Jody
Sam x Jess
John x Mary
Charlie x Dorothy
Michael x Adam
Bobby x Ellen
Charlie x Gilda


Doctor x Rose
  -Nine x Rose
  -Ten x Rose
Doctor x River
  -Eleven x River
  -Twelve x River
Doctor x Idris
  -Eleven x Idris
Rory x Amy
Mickey x Martha
Jack x Ianto
Clara x Danny
Doctor x Clara (I'm still kinda in a ship/don't ship state with this one; we'll see)
  -Eleven x Clara (light flirting)
  -Twelve x Clara (non-romantically/it's complicated)

Merlin x Freya
Lancelot x Gwen
Leon x Gwen (ONLY after 5x13 in the canon-verse)

Zoe x Wash

McGee x Delilah
Palmer x Breena
Kassim x Bishop
Gibbs x Shannon
Burt x Abby
Quinn x Bishop

Scotty x Uhura
Sulu x Chekov
Sulu x Ben

Jorah x Daenerys
Jaime x Brienne
Grey Worm x Missandei
Tyrion x Sansa
Jon x Daenerys
Tommen x Margaery
Renly x Loras
Drogo x Daenerys
Ned x Cat

Agron x Nasir
Gannicus x Sibyl
Crixus x Naevia
Spartacus x Sura
Spartacus x Laeta
Saxa x Belesa
Gannicus x Saxa
Spartacus x Mira
Barca x Pietros
Auctus x Duro
Oenomaus x Melitta
Varro x Aurelia
Marcus x Kore
Sabinus x Tiberius

Brian x Justin
Michael x Ben
Ted x Blake
Emmett x Drew
Lindsey x Melanie
Debbie x Carl



Ron x Hermione
Harry x Ginny
James x Lily
Remus x Tonks
Arthur x Molly
Godric x Rowena
Salazar x Helga
Draco x Astoria
George x Angelina
Neville x Hannah
Luna x Rolf
Sirius x Remus (I'm allowed my guilty pleasures, ok?)
Scorpius x Albus
Scorpius x Rose
Teddy x Victorie

Gimli x Legolas
Aragorn x Arwen
Faramir x Eowyn
Thorin x Bilbo
Kili x Tauriel
Sam x Rose

Han x Leia
Anakin x Padme
Rey x Finn
Finn x Poe
Rey x Finn x Poe (yes, even I have OT3's)

Arthur x Eames
Dom x Mal
Yusuf x Ariadne
Dom x Ariadne
Arthur x Ariadne
Saito x Fischer


Gilmore x Jarrett
Kynan x Cassandra
Tiberius x Allura
Grog x Kima
Sylas x Delilah
Pike x Kima

There WILL be more to come, no question about it.
  • Listening to: Honey Bee-Blake Shelton
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: BBC Merlin
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Eating: Fudge <3
  • Drinking: Milk

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